G16: Topes win! Topes win! Seattle goes down 8-6

Topes win! Topes win!
OK, it’s not quite that bad, but we managed to get out of Seattle without being swept. We did manage to have a winning record on this road trip against the West, which is good. We’re in second place, only 3.5 games out – so things aren’t as bad as some online folks would have you believe. :) We’re certainly scoring runs, but we’re giving up way too many. It appears that Ryan Glynn has lost his spot on the rotation. Let’s see what else happens.
Anyway, last night Raffy continued his surprising onslaught against Safeco field with another home run and a couple of RBI’s. Chad Curtis also had a jack – our offense is quite well. However, we again gave up too many, too many from the pen, and let the Mariners back in the game, when they had no business being in the game. That can be a huge problem.
Doug Davis got the win – he wasn’t stellar, though. That’s our problem so far. He only went 5.2 innings, which is killing our bullpen. Crabtree is on the DL now, and R.A. Dickey was called up from AAA to help out. My guess is he goes to the pen, and isn’t a rotation guy. On the other side, we roughed up Brett Tomko pretty good, so much so that Seattle had to bring in Aaron Sele from the bullpen – the first time he’s ever done that in his career.
Ichiro Suzuki continues to be hot, going 13 games now with his hitting streak. Is it just me, or does he appear to slap at everything to try to drive it to left field? Every time I see him hit, that’s what it seems like.
Back home – although we’ll be tired, not getting in until about 6AM on Thursday. :)