G14: Arod returns to Seattle, and loses 9-7

What a circus atmosphere. I probably would have been really into it if I was in Seattle – I know I would have worn Ranger colors, too. For some reason, I just don’t see myself getting assaulted in Seattle. Now, I wouldn’t try that if say, Derek Jeter came to Texas, and we were going to the Bronx. :)
However, I was sitting in my living room, and that’s not the same thing as being there. I would have liked to have been there, but from what I could see, it was definitely a circus. You’ll see in the photos below some of it – but the loudness was surprising. I knew he’d be booed a lot, and cheered when he messed up, but it still didn’t compare – even though some of the cooler stuff was announced. My favorite thing a fan did was sit there with a fishing rod with a dollar bill attached, trying to reel in Arod. Now that was funny, yet uncool at the same time. I laughed at that one.
As for the game itself? Well, Ryan Glynn had NOTHING. He has always had a problem with walking a lot, and he did that tonight too. However, he just seemed to have even less than his usual mediocre to bad outing. If Helling has a night like this Tuesday, I can see the folks clamoring for a change. I have to admit I’m surprised at Glynn, as he didn’t pitch this way in spring training.
Our bats kept us in the game for the most part – Raffy did his best, hitting two home runs in the game – the first two in Safeco this season, but we just gave up too many. I have a feeling that will be the story of the season.