G12: Rangers outlast A’s, win 9-8

As I started watching this game, I felt good. Kenny Rogers looked pretty good early on. We jumped on Barry Zito for a bunch of runs early on, going up 8-0, on the strength of the bottom of the lineup, who really delivered well.
However, the biggest bat was Arod, who seemed to be the Arod that was envisioned when he was signed. He went 3 for 5, with six RBI’s, a 3 run home run, and some pretty good defense. This is the ARod that I suspect Seattle is so annoyed at losing. I know I would be. :)
However, as the game went on, our bullpen stupidly let the A’s back in the game – they tied the game up 8-8 in the 8th inning. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When you’re up 8-0, you deserve to win. :) Anyway, ARod came through in the 9th again, delivering an RBI to put us up 9-8, after Curtis & Velarde (both great surprises so far this season) singled, setting the table.
Mr. Wetteland (ahem, excuse me, Tim Crabtree) got his fourth save in true “#35 fashion”. He put a couple on before getting the job done. Crabtree said he learned a lot from Wetteland, he wanted his uniform, and so far, he’s filling John’s shoes very well – taking all aspects of John’s pitching (especially the heart attack style of saving games). :)