G11: Texas beats up on Oakland, 13-1

This is the type of game that the 2001 Texas Rangers were supposed to have been playing all along. The big bats break out in a major, major way, and our pitching keeps ’em down.
Quite frankly, I expected to win this game, but not quite by this large of a margin. The game started off great enough, with home runs by Rusty Greer & Randy Velarde to lead off the first. That’s all we really needed. :)
However, we didn’t stop there, really teeing off on Cory Lidle. Arod finally got his first home run as a Ranger, which was nice to see. Geez, just about everyone had a contribution here, only Pudge was hitless, going 0-6.
We ended up getting 4 runs off of Mike Magnante, and one off of Jeff Tam. Our pitching on the other hand, was stellar. Doug Davis did our tired bullpen a job, going 6.2 innings, giving up just one run. Zimmerman & Venafro, who pitched the remaining 2.1 innings didn’t give up anything, which was nice to see.
I hope that these offensive stats are the start of something nice, not just an abberation.