ST9: Rangers win close one over Reds, 2-1

Still no “Arod vs. Ken Griffey Jr” – as we didn’t bring Arod to the Reds park.
Well, today’s game falls into the “great game, not a lot to talk about” department – at least for me. Games like this are great to watch (and not too bad to listen to), but there isn’t a whole lot to report about when it comes time to talk baout the game.
The pitching on both sides was great – we only had two runs, and they had one. Ryan Glynn went three innings, with 3 strikeouts, and more importantly, no walks. Mark Petkovsek went two, giving up nothing, Mike Venafro pitched two scoreless as well. Jeff Brantley gave up our only run (quite frankly, I don’t expect him to make the club, so I don’t care). Aaron Meyette got the save in the ninth, I guess Tim Crabtree didn’t make the trip – I would imagine he would be tested in a true save situation would he have been here.
On the offensive side, the only thing we had going was a big two run home run by Pudge, but it turned out that’s all we needed.
The only other news is bad – being from the injury front. Ricky Ledee who got hurt yesterday has a torn hamstring tendon in his left leg. He’ll be out a minimum of two weeks, and may need surgery. He’s unlikely for opening day; longer if surgery is needed.
Gabe Kapler was hit in the hand with a pitched ball – was sent back to Port Charlotte immediately, more will be known later.
Chad Curtis, from a purely selfish standpoint, must like this, it increases his chances for playing time.