ST8: Rangers beat Orioles, 10-2

I didn’t get to hear all of this game, I was out doing some furniture shopping today. I got to hear the first three innings. When I left the house, we were winning 4-1, but we should have been leading by more – we left the bases loaded at least once that I can remember. We scored 10 runs, all by different players. We had 14 hits, by 11 players – pretty balanced attack. In the second inning, Galarraga hit a home run that sounded great on the radio (almost hit the ospry nest), and looked pretty impressive on the Fox 4 TV replay I saw later in the evening. Arod came into this game batting .571, and Frank Catalanotto also has a batting average above .600 I believe. Both did nothing to sour that today – Arod going 1 for 2, and Catalanotto going 2 for 3. Speaking of hitting, in the 5 run 6th, we had consecutive hits by 6 or 7 (I don’t remember, I was driving at the time) straight batters!
Darren Oliver already has more wins this spring training than he had all of last season, which is pretty sad. Still, I’m hoping he can pull it together this year – he looks good so far, but then again Eric Nadel pointed out today that he had a good spring last year, too. We also had some good defense saving Oliver, as the Orioles had singles in the first 4 out of 7 batters (3 were bloops). We did have double plays in both the first and second. This kind of saving didn’t happen a lot last year. Hope it’s a good sign for this year.
In other notes, Ricky Ledee sounded like he pulled his hamstring – he’s getting an MRI on Sunday, and a prognosis will be made then as to what might be wrong with him. Also, several kids fell 3 feet when a railing in the stands collapsed before the game started – no one was seriously hurt, though. And, we moved 6 players off the spring training roster, all pitchers not expected to make the club anyway.
Where was all this offense yesterday? :)