ST6: Rangers beat Blue Jays, 6-5

When I saw the line score start up for this game, I had forgotten we were hitting against Esteban Loaiza. He didn’t do all that bad, giving up just two hits and one run in two innings. For some reason, I just felt that we’d tee off against him, I guess not. Then I saw the game going back and forth on the scoreboard, and figured we’d end up losing. Had to go back to work and couldn’t watch that, so I was surprised when I saw the final score in our favor. Don’t know why, but it always seems when we play against a former Ranger, we never do good.
Pudge looked good, he had two RBI’s (one off Loaiza, one off Pedro Borbon). Pudge was the standout offensive player of the day. No other Ranger had two hits, and no one had two RBI’s. The rest of the hits and RBI’s were scattered all over the box score.
Doug Davis pitched three innings, allowing one run on four hits. Unfortunately, we gave up three home runs – one each off of Doug Davis, Pat Mahomes, & Mike Venafro (who got a save). Fortunately, they were all solo home runs. Pat Mahomes didn’t fare too well today, giving up 3 hits & 3 runs in his three innings of work. Petkovsek was perfect in his two innings.
Overall, not a bad game, but not a great one. Nice to see a comeback win, though.