ST5: Rangers lose to Tampa Bay, 2-1

A great pitcher’s duel, but we ended up on the wrong side of the stick.
I listened over the Internet with the MLB Radio coverage – and I have to say. I miss Eric Nadel. Listening to someone else call a Rangers game is just wrong. These guys obviously don’t have a lot of experience (the MLB guys) calling a game, and it showed. While they were enthusiastic, and fairly knowledgeable (I thought) – something wasn’t right. There’s only one other game with these guys for the Rangers this spring training, but I have to say, I want Nadel.
Anyway, not much happened during the game, it was a good pitcher’s duel. At the time I’m writing this, the box score isn’t available, so I can’t give a lot of detail (as I was working while listening, and couldn’t take notes). However, Rick Helling only allowed one hit over his three innings of work, and as I recall, the one run we gave up in the fifth was due to a fielding issue.
We had a great comeback in the ninth with an RBI single by Bo Porter, after we were down to our last out. A passed ball helped, and Porter’s single tied it in the ninth. Not much else until the bottom of the 11th when Spike Lundberg gave up the winning hit to the Rays.
Nice to hear the game, not great to lose, but sounded like some great pitching again on both sides!