ST4: Rangers lose to Twins, 8-5

Our hope of an undefeated Spring Training comes to an end today with an 8-5 loss to the Twins. :)
Once again, we got pretty good pitching, with one exception. Brian Sikorski had a major meltdown, giving up 6 earned runs on seven hits in two innings. Other than Sikorski, our pitching was great, giving up 6 hits over 8 innings, and 2 earned runs. The two earned runs were by Glynn & Benoit. Jeff Zimmerman struck out the side the one inning he pitched, and Mike Munoz had two strikeouts the one inning he pitched. Again, some great pitching to start the spring.
On the other side of the coin, we had two guys go 2 for 2 (Dransfeldt, Sheldon, with Sheldon getting a dinger). Sheldon also had a couple of RBI’s, and probably does himself good this spring. The remaining hits were scattered through the lineup with everyone else getting just one. Seemed like a pretty balanced offensive attack.
Losses are never nice, but hey, overall we got some mostly decent pitching here.