ST3: Rangers bomb Pirates, 13-2 to take DH

Arrrgh! What a game to have seen on TV. However, all we got was an Internet box score. Was kind of fun “watching” the game with a few people over at the Newberg Site forums. :)
Anyway, a lot of power early in this one, accounting for a lot of the runs. Three run hoe runs each by Galarraga, Caminiti, & ARod in the first four innings gave us more than we needed to win this one, having only given up two runs of our own. Kapler, Velarde & Ruben Mateo also got in on the RBI train today. Interesting in that the three home runs were all by players who weren’t on the team last year. It will certainly be a different look when we all head out to the Temple in April, won’t it?
Darren Oliver’s ERA so far is 4.5, I believe – and is 1-0! :) He gave up only one hit, and it was the solo home run – from reading about the game, he didn’t seem to pitch so bad. I really want Oliver to do good – I was a fan of his coming back here, and 2000 was a mess. I’m hoping he can turn it around, but I’ll be first on the bandwagon if he shows signs of being like last year’s pitcher again. Crabtree was perfect in the ninth, which is a good sign. Our pitching was one again really good, giving up only 2 runs over 9 innings – I can live with that, even if we didn’t have the offense that we have this season. The other run we gave up was given up by Kevin Foster, a pitcher not really expected to make the club.
The thing that’s sad about this is that the reported attendance at the stadium was only 2,051. Damn. A doubleheader and only 2,000 people show up? Oh well, guess that’s why we’re moving to Arizona.