ST2: Rangers beat Pirates, 4-1

This is the part of Spring Training I don’t like. Games are being played, yet we don’t get to see or hear them. What we usually get during these non broadcast games are at most about 10 seconds of clips on the local news (which of course would rather talk about Troy Aikman’s choice of playing next year as opposed to something GOOD like the Rangers in spring training), and a box score online. Sigh.
Speaking of the box score, Kelly Dransfeldt was the star of this game, going 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s. The remaining 6 hits we had were spread out over the other players. Pat Mahomes was perfect, not giving up anything for his two innings (nice to see), and Mark Petkovsek gave up the only Pittsburgh run. Overall, 6 hits for 7 innings and one run. Not too shabby.
This was a short 7 inning early morning game to make up for rainouts in both the Pirates’ and Rangers’ schedules yesterday. When I got up this morning, four innings had already been played! :)