ST20: Rangers beat New York Yankees, 6-5

After performing so weakly against the Phillies, I was dreading facing our nemesis – especially with the recent depressing news about the state of our outfield depth.
Doug Davis continued to look good, going 5 innings against the 3 time defending champs, giving up squat. No hits, no runs, although he walked four and struck out six. Can’t complain about the results here. Pudge woke up too, smacking two jacks today. Jeff Zimmerman pitched a scoreless inning, too.
However, the back end didn’t pitch so well today. Mike Munoz, who’s been spectacular this spring, gave up two runs (although they were unearned), and Tim Crabtree gave up three earned runs in his 1.1 innings of work. Not that great, but we won – and against the Yankees, you’ll always take that – especially when it makes the Yankees 7-16, the worst record in all of the majors this spring. ;)