ST1: Rangers beat Red Sox, 7-1

“…Ranger Baseball is on the air!”
With those words, we started the 2001 Ranger campaign. Right around noon, we heard that familiar Ranger radio intro, culminating with the words “Ranger Baseball is on the air!”. Shortly after that, we heard the familar voice of Eric Nadel introducing the team, the news of Rusty’s 3 year extension, as well as just the general great feel of Ranger baseball!
The last couple of years, the first Spring Training game on the radio has been during the week, and during those years, my wife would bring me a special lunch to the office (here’s a picture from 2000) – this time, since I was already home, we had the baseball lunch at home. Hot Dogs, sauerkraut, and French Fries. Having some Coke in a Ranger mug (you know, the ones they sell beer in at the Ballpark) made it pretty cool. Enjoyed the game immensely!
Of course, the main attraction for a lot of people, I’m sure was Arod and how he’d perform. Well, during the time he was in the game, he had two singles (although he got thrown out trying to stretch one into a double), as well as a walk, and one really spectacular sounding defensive play. After one game – I pronounce him a success. :) Seriously, it sounded like a great game for the Rangers – the only negative I could find was Zimmerman’s gopher ball. Way too early to be concerned, but Zim did have a habit of giving up gopher balls right away when he came into games last year. Some power by Raffy in the first with a 3 run jimmy jack on the way to a 5 run spot that inning. We also had a home run by Frank Catalanotto later in the game – since to see some power from the get go.
There was a good mix of players who will be on the club this year, as well as minor leaguers we won’t see. Pudge was back in action, which was nice to hear, as well as guys like Bo Porter, Trafis Hafner, & Mike Hubbard.
Great to hear the Rangers – and we get another game tomorrow. Unfortunately, that will be it until next weekend.
“…Ranger Baseball is on the air!”