ST18: Rangers lose 2nd in a row to Phils, 8-2

For the second straight game, we played the Phillies. For the second straight game, we gave up eight runs. For the FOURTH straight game, we lost. Sigh.
It would appear that our offense has gone into hibernation the last few games. There’s always the talk of the Spring Training “dead arm period” for pitchers; it would appear our batters have gone there, too.
Our pitching was weak to poor over the 7 innings of this game. Pat Mahomes, Jeff Brantley, & Mark Petkovsek all gave up a lot (see box score below). While I didn’t see or hear the game, the box score shows a mess. Not much good to say about this one pitching wise.
Offensively, we didn’t do a whole lot. Of the two runs, only one was an RBI according to the box score (although both were earned). Phillies pitching gave up only 5 hits (two by Gabe Kapler).
A pretty sad game.