ST16: Rangers shut down by Baltimore; lose 2-1

Well, what can you say about a game like this?
We played chicken with the Orioles, and it was us who blinked in the bottom of the ninth. From the sounds of it we just gave it to them at the end. That’s too bad, as it wasted a totally awesome pitching performance by our staff. Once again, we pitched like a real baseball team, not that mess we had in 2000. Pat Mahomes (who is expected to make the staff, it would seem) took the loss in the ninth inning. Doug Davis was awesome, going 6 innings, and scattering 5 hits, and no walks, giving up donut.
Mahomes really wasn’t that bad – he went 2 1/3 innings, giving up just three hits and a run (which was actually unearned), but when you don’t get anything of your own, that 1 is pretty massive.
Not a whole lot to say about 1-0 losses, except that it wasn’t 10-0. :)