ST13: Rangers lose to Reds again, 4-3

Well, it’s two nights in a row we lost at the end of the game, although it’s not as annoying as the Yankee loss; but then again what’s as annoying as losing to the Yankees? :)
This game was looking good, being up 3-1 into the 8th inning. We were up on two home runs – one by ARod, and the other by the pleasant spring surprise, Bo Porter. I’m hoping we can move someone (Curtis, or Ledee) so we can add Porter as the 5th outfielder. That speed is something we just don’t have otherwise.
Our pitching was pretty good for the most part. Darren Oliver continues his good spring giving up just one run on four innings. Mark Petkovsek went 3 innings giving up nothing. Danny Kolb (who looks like he’ll start the season on the DL) had a bad outing giving up 3 earned runs in less than an inning – Tim Crabtree came in and stopped that, pitching 1 1/3 giving up nothing. Overall, some great pitching, except for Kolb.
Even though it’s a loss, the team’s lookin’ good!