ST11: Rangers beat Red Sox, 7-3

The spring fun continues. Heard something at the start of the broadcast where we have the #1 pitching staff in baseball to this point, and the #1 defense in the AL. Quite impressive. I realize we’re less than a dozen games into spring training, but I’ll take that now, it’s always nice to hear.
Our offense got off to a steady start – with 1 run in each of the first three innings. First was a home run by Chad Curtis to lead off the game. Andres Galarraga came through with another solo home run in the next inning, and Doug Davis looked great. While his line showed that he gave up two runs, they didn’t really belong to him – it was one of those fielding gaffes that wasn’t technically an error; the most annoying kind to a pitcher, I’m sure.
After the fifth inning, I had to stop listening to the game, as my wife and I had a few things we needed to take care of, but by this time, we were already up 4 to 2. We’ve now won 4 in a row, and the test comes tomorrow night against the Yankees.