ALDS Game 2: Rangers score a run! Still lose 3-1

Well, it’s now third down and long. If we don’t get some yards soon, we’ll be forced to punt again to the Yankees. Oh wait, wrong sport. However, the analogy probably isn’t that far from the truth. :)
Even though we lost, this was a very well played baseball game. The entire game (except maybe the top of the 9th) seemed like a big deal at every moment. It’s great baseball, even if we lost. The curse continues.
I’m really hoping we win at least one, before getting knocked out. My original prediction was the Yanks in 5, but I figured we’d split in NY, split here, and lose game 5 up in the Bronx. We may not make it back to the Bronx. I’m going to the game Saturday night, and I’m also hearing it’s supposed to rain. Oh god, does that bring up bad memories of last year’s playoff game here.
Rick Helling looked good, and surprisingly, didn’t give up any home runs at all. I expected him to give up a few of them in Yankee Stadium. This start was rather indicitave of his entire 99 season. No run support. He pitches an awesome game, but loses the game, because we didn’t score any runs for him. As frustrating as that is to us the fans, it must be worse for him. I feel that Helling should have gotten 20 wins again this season, if only he had run support. Rick was perfect the first time through the lineup, and also a batter or two into the 4th. Was a great start. Too bad it didn’t finish that way.
Andy Pettite always seemed on the verge of giving up a bunch of runs, but never did. He saved himself on several occasions from being pulled. It’s annoying, we were “this close” to busting it open in my eyes, and we didn’t.
Juan Gonzalez got our 1 run for the off-season, we’ll probably get shut out on Saturday again. Going back into the regular season, we now have a 5 game losing streak. I really don’t want our season to end on a 6 game losing streak. Especially to Roger Clemens. :(
One funny moment. In the first inning when Chuck Knoblauch was up to bat, Don Zimmer put on a pith helmet that had the Yankees logo on it. It was damn funny, and I wish I have a picture of that; I don’t. Zim sounds like a really fun guy to be around.