ALDS Game 1: Rangers shut out 8-0

I’m still sick, and honestly, I wished last night’s game wasn’t on. I felt like complete crap during the game, and almost fell asleep a few times (because of my condition, not because of the Rangers’ performance). Thank god game one wasn’t in Arlington, I don’t know how bad I would have felt if I was at the game!
Anyway, the Yankee curse is still in effect. Despite every piece of evidence pointing to the Rangers being better, we were shut down completely. In fact, it was even worse than last year’s shutdown in the playoffs. This time, we had two hits all night, and both of them were by Pudge. Pudge was our best thing going last night. He also stole a base, and generally seemed to be the most “with it” player we had. The entire rest of the Rangers went 0-25 for the night. El Duque was pretty much the star of the show. Not a whole lot more needs to be said here.
However, on the other side, Bernie Williams was the story for the Yankees. He alone had 6 RBI’s – if you take him out, that makes the game 2-0, which is far more reasonable. However, that’s no excuse, we should have scored SOMETHING. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!
I didn’t feel the Rangers pitching staff pitched as bad as an 8-0 score indicated. We seemed to be doing fairly well, until Sele seemed to lose it in the 6th. He was a bit shaky in the fifth, but a 3-0 lead isn’t all that bad. I am having a hard time pointing to any one bad play pitching wise that caused this.
Again, I hope we can bounce back. This is now a four game losing streak going into the regular season. I felt bad for Don Zimmer, the ex Ranger manager who got wailed on the head by a Mr. Twinkie foul ball. Was nice to see him back up and on the bench quickly.