Rangers and White Sox rained out

Well, my wife and I got out there, and it had been raining all day. It didn’t rain during our drive to the ballpark, but once we got there.. boom. Rain! We sat there through the two hour rain delay (that’s nothing for us – we sat through two 3 and a half hour delays in 98), until they called it. There were two things to see during the delay…
The usual thing the Rangers do on Sunday before a game was still done. That was the bit where they picked a family (although I’ve not seen anything other than a father and a son) play catch out in left field in front of the scoreboard. They did that in the rain. At first I thought “Oh man, you get picked, but what crappy weather”. Then I thought it would still be cool to do that, even if it was in the rain. The other thing was a pre-game show by some frisbee catching dogs. It was fairly cool, especially since there was nothing else going on.
This was the Beanie Baby night for the Rangers this year. The giveaway was “Luke”, a black Lab (shown here). This was tied into Rusty Greer, who has a few of them himself – in fact, there was a card given out with the beanie that had a pic of Rusty in uniform with his dogs. Looked cool. I wish it wasn’t limited to just kids 13 and under. I would have liked one, and not to turn it around and sell it, I would have liked one myself! There was a pretty cool article over on the Arlington Now web site about the beanie promotion at the Ballpark – check it out (thanks Lynn!)
After the game was called, they said that you could exchange each ticket you had for two for the double header tomorrow. Well, Lynn & I walked down to the ticket area, but it was mobbed beyond belief! And out into the rain. We blew that off, we’ll go another game. :)