G135: Rangers drop 8-7 game to Detroit

I just want to cry – what happened in Detroit? I don’t like bashing teams, but hey, we were supposed to beat up on Detroit, not lose three out of four to them. Yeesh – I hope it wasn’t a matter of overconfidence. I grew up in Philadelphia, the legend of the ’64 Phillies comes to mind here.
Didn’t get to see it, since I was at work when the game was on, but from the radio guys, it seemed like a really sloppily played game. Juan Gonzalez was particularly ragged on by Nadel/Cotroneo (“What’s this rookie league guy doing up here?”). Goody & Rusty did one of those “I got it, I got it, I got it”, and then no one got it as it fell between them.
We hit something like four home runs, and still didn’t win. Yuck. :(
We ended up 70-93 lifetime in Tiger Stadium, and 5-5 against the Tigers this year. That second one is sad.