G124: Rangers top Red Sox again, 9-2

I didn’t get to see all of this game, as my wife and I were out to dinner to celebrate my birthday yesterday. Would have gone yesterday, but hey, I was at the Ranger game! :) Anyway, it was a sellout, and it was nice to see the place packed for a change. It was John Wetteland’s birthday, and TV coverage showed the bullpen guys giving him a hard time – I wish I was home earlier to see that – it looked funny.
When we got home from dinner in the third inning, Raffy was just coming up and hit his home run to put us up 3-1, which is all we really needed, but we did get some “padding”. :) Rusty started off the fifth with a solo home run to left field. In the 7th, we really put it away when Raffy mashed a three run home run to right, giving him two home runs in each of the last two games, and 6 home runs in his last 6 games overall. Just to make sure, Rusty chimed in again with a two run shot in the bottom of the 8th to give us nine runs.
Our pitching seemed pretty decent, if not overpowering. Rick Helling finally got a win , and seemed to be battling all night. He didn’t seem dominating at all, but still pitched good. He walked the first batter in the 7th, which brought in Tim Crabtree, who loaded the bases. With no one out and the bases loaded, Venafro came in, and got a sac fly, and then retired the rest allowing Boston only one run.
Overall another good game, and it was nice to see a sellout at the Ballpark – although I’m glad I didn’t have to drive away from the park in it, either. :)