G117: Rangers lose again to Chisox, 8-7

As bad as losing both games of a double header to go to a 3 game losing streak is, losing a walk-off loss in the bottom of the ninth to go to a four game losing streak was even worse.
My wife and I were out when this game was on (we saw Runaway Bride, a very funny movie), but when I came home, I saw the score, and got disgusted. As I didn’t see or hear any of this game, I’m not going to do commentary, but hell. Four in a row? To the Tigers and the White Sox? Yeah, this makes me feel good going into Cleveland on Monday, even if we do win the last game.
Pudge got his 20th steal of the season, giving him a first in all of MLB history – the first catcher to steal 20 bases and hit 20 RBI’s in one season. I wonder if he’ll get 20 doubles as well. :)
Glynn was activated, and I’m sure he’ll be sent back down after this. Probably not seen again in 1999. Especially if we’re in a pennant race in late September.