G114: Rangers drop game to Detroit, 3-1

I was at this game, and it turned out to be not as hot as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, but it wasn’t that bad – but I was in the shade the whole time. :)
Aaron Sele pitched extremely well throughout 8th innings (actually, 7 innings and a batter). He struck out a career high 13 batters, but unfortunately, the Tigers pitcher(s) pitched better. We only had 5 hits, and one run. Detroit had 8 hits with 3 runs, one of which was a solo home run, but this struck me as a rather well pitched games on both sides.
I did score the game, but I was busy taking pictures again – just in case you didn’t think I’ve taken enough. :)
Not a whole lot to say about this game, except there was some great pitching on both sides – and we never really got going offensively.