G108: Rangers lose to Blue Jays, 5-4

We were almost singlehandedly beat by Carlos Delgado in this game – he had three home runs, only the second time an opponent has ever done that at the Ballpark in Arlington.
Jeff Zimmerman showed that he was a human being, getting his first ever loss, dropping to (oh damn ) 9-1, and his ERA is now a whopping 1.25.
Rick Helling continues to be the hard luck pitcher this season – he’s pitched as good as he did last year when he won 20 games, but got another no decision in this one, and his ERA is lower this year than it was last, it’s currently at 4.31.
Pudge had some great D again tonight with a pickoff and two caught stealings. He certainly increased his value in my eye as the team MVP. Zim is great, but I think Pudge brings more to the table.
Billy “stupidest beard in the majors” Koch looked good. Threw hard, and did his job. Still, he has the lamest excuse for a beard I’ve ever seen, though.