G107: Rangers beat Twins 3-1, I can’t see it again

Due to my clueless cable company, and Fox Sports Southwest, I didn’t get to see the game. I wasn’t in the mood to listen to it on the radio, since I was so annoyed about that – I ended up watching “The Fifth Element” on DVD instead.
I did peek in from time to time to get a score update, and from all reports Loaiza was Loaiza. Was inconsistent, but had good stuff. Where have we heard that before? I feel comfortable about our starting pitching. It isn’t the greatest in the world, but it seems to be doing a decent enough of a job, especially with our pen doing so great. We’re now 23 games over 500, a number I never thought I’d see given my opinion of the state of the pitching at the start of the season.
After seeing the Twins for the last few days, I have to admit, I rather like Jacque Jones – he looks like a great kid, and if I was living in Minnesota, I’d be excited about seeing the team, even if they lose a lot. I like watching teams made up of young kids who try.
I’m really hoping we can keep this up the last two months, and end up with a situation where we don’t have to play the Yankees in the first round with the first two games in NY. Off day tomorrow, and then we’re back with more against the Toronto Blue Jays, who have made some recent noise in the AL East.