G106: Rangers top Twins again 9-5

This game got out to a really fast start. We scored four runs in the first inning, then two in the second, and another in the third, putting us up 7-1 right away. It just “felt” like a blowout was on the way. We won, but we didn’t get a blowout. Mike Morgan allowed the Twins to creep back into the game.
Our four runs in the first came by us getting a whole slow of singles, after a leadoff error allowed Roberto Kelly to get on. Then Pudge, Rusty, Juan, Raffy, & Todd all singled to give us our runs in the first. Pudge had another great night at the plate, he’s just on fire offensively – he’s also got a 12 game hitting streak going, too. He was 4 for 5 with a run scored last night – he’s batting some atmospheric number (around 750 or something, isn’t it?) since the All-Star break.
Actually, we were outhit by the Twins 14-13. Of all these 27 hits, the bulk of them were singles. We had one double (Greer), one triple (Kelly), and one home run (Mateo). The rest were singles. Minnesota had four doubles, the rest were singles.
Mike Morgan got his 12th win of the year, who woulda thunk it? :)
On TV, we got to see the 15,000,000th fan ceremony. They picked someone and said they were the 15 millionth fan to see a game at the Ballpark. They flashed a stat saying in the 21 years the Rangers played in Arlington stadium, they had about 31 million all told, and we’ve gotten half of that in just under 6 seasons at TBIA. Less, actually, since the first year TBIA was around, the season was cut short (due to the MLB players strike).