G104: Rangers win big over Royals, 12-5

Figures. The game I wanted to go to because of the raising of the Nolan Ryan flag, and the giveaway of a Ryan flag and the one that is one off from my season ticket game is the one they blow out the Royals. :(
To make matters worse, my lame ass cable company has Fox Sports Southwest out of whack again for the second day, forcing me to miss another Rangers game because of their screwed up setup – this is about 6 this season because of this. I didn’t get to see the game, but I listened to part of it, and I got disgusted because I couldn’t see it that I stopped listening too, and started watching a movie.
I hate my cable company! I live across the street from a TCI building, yet we have some other company – go figure.
Sele turned in his longest outing of the season, going 8 full innings. He gave up 5 runs though, but did go long in the heat, which was nice to see.