G86: Rangers lose to San Diego, 5-4

The Good: Todd Zeile extended his hitting streak. We had three Ranger home runs.
The Bad: Mike Morgan seems more like what his record indicates he would be pitching like, not like the guy we saw in Anaheim the other week.
The Ugly: Two errors in the 9th inning leading to a total defensive meltdown, costing us the game.
Oh my, what an ugly way to lose a game. Not only did we commit one error (Rusty’s bobble of a ball he tried to basket catch), but the one by Wetteland to finish the game was obscene. Actually, he probably should have been charged with TWO errors, as on the play before it he failed to cover his part of the infield – Wetteland seemed asleep on defense, big time.
Scarborough Green made it into this game – he drew a walk. I tend to root for the guys who hardly ever get to play, I seemed to have picked this up from my wife Lynn who feels this way about all kinds of sports players. I’m wondering how much longer he stays around, especially if we make some sort of move before the end of the month.
The ending of this game really spoiled what was an otherwise good game. Mike Morgan looked sloppy again, and we ended up taking the lead on three home runs hit by our guys today, including a real dinger of a shot by Ruben Mateo (440 feet or so). Todd Zeile set a career high hitting streak for himself with 17, and I was feeling good going into the bottom of the ninth, especially after a baserunning blunder by the Padres left us with two outs and the lead. Then Wetteland has his meltdown.
It’s too bad, as I can’t think of anything else about this game except this.