G84: Rangers drop 7-4 game to Oakland

Rick Helling doesn’t look like the pitcher he was last year. He’s had only one win in his last 8 starts. However, he does seem to be suffering from a lack of run support this year. Many a time, he’s pitched really well, only to be taken out late with a 2-1 deficit, or something like that. It’s too bad. Still, he is pitching well overall, but his record doesn’t show it, and his ERA was killed by his first couple of starts of the season.
However, our bullpen continues it’s masterpieces. Wetteland got his 26th save, and Zimmerman got his eighth win – At this rate, we have a chance of a bullpen pitcher having our most wins. I wonder what the record for any team for bullpen wins by one pitcher in a season is? Wetteland made it interesting in the 9th by allowing the bases to get loaded, but we ended up winning by 3.
I didn’t get to catch all of the game, as it was on during the day at work, and I sometimes can’t pay attention at work like I can at home. Still, it was a win, and we’ll always take that.
Nice day for the team – we have four All-Stars this year (Pudge, Raffy, Wetteland, & Zimmerman). We would have had five, for an all time Ranger record if Juan hadn’t decided to sulk.
The new Ranger killer, Ben Grieve hit another home run against us – this was his first one at home in about a year!