G83: Rangers shut out by A’s, 4-0

This was just like the July 4th game. We were totally shut down by the opposing pitcher (this time it’s Jimmy Haynes). Although he didn’t pitch all 9 innings, he pitched really well, and got some nice support from the bullpen to shut down the Rangers, with a total of four hits over the nine innings. Again, we had a bit of a threat in the 9th, but nothing happened.
Ryan Glynn killed himself with a million walks, two of which came around for runs. Juan Gonzalez made an awesome defensive play in the game throwing out a runner trying to score at the plate on a rocket of a throw from the bullpen on the right hand side – there was no doubt, either, he was out by a mile. This double play saved Glynn’s butt when he had walked the bases loaded. This might be Glynn’s last appearance, my gut says he’ll be going back to AAA after the All-Star game.
Jimmy Haynes of Oakland really looked great – it’s tough to do anything against a pitcher that pitches this well against you. Mike Munoz pitched a few really good innings, I thought again last night that he was an excellent pickup in the past off-season. Loaiza made another short appearance in relief – he did his job, but he doesn’t seem to be hanging around long enough at one time to know how well he really looks.
Todd Zeile did extend his hitting streak to 15 – Pudge has the current season record of 20.