G79: Rangers edge Seattle, 7-6

This was a pretty good game, actually. The score shows a close game, and it really was a flip-flop type of game. We had the lead, then they tied it, took the lead, and we tied it right back up. We took the lead, and they tied it in the 9th, but we ended up winning it in the bottom of the ninth – Rusty Greer, of course. :)
Luis Alicea had an interesting night – he was called out on strikes twice – it really looked like they should have been balls. After the second one, Alicea started to argue, but was tossed immediately, since he had griped before. When that happened Johnny Oates came out to defend Luis, and ended up getting into quite an argument himself. He did something that really reminded me of former Ranger manager Billy Martin – he kicked dirt on the umpire and got tossed, which I thought was cool. Oates accidentally kicked the umpire, too – which I thought was really bad. A few days later (I’m writing this on the 7th), I found out that nothing will happen because of this, apparently Oates and the ump are friends or something.
Todd Zeile extended his hitting streak to 11 games, and he hasn’t struck out more than once in around 75 at bats or so – nice control at the plate. Also pitching was Jordan Zimmerman, the brother of the Rangers’ Jeff. There was a nice piece in the newspaper about the Zimmerman brothers’ father who was at the game. It’s a great story, and I hope Jeff turns out to be more than just a flash. He’s got a great story.