G100: Cal just misses #400, Rangers lose 8-6

Our second of two games at Camden Yards. This place is great – my full report on the Orioles’ ballpark is coming soon.
Big difference between this game over the last game was that my wife and I were by ourselves this time – no Ranger fans around, so we had to chill out a bit. Was a bit rainy before the game, but our seats were undercover, so that helped, even though it had more or less stopped raining by the time we had walked over to the hotel. There’s a shot of what my seats looked like in the pictures below.
We lost this game by the same score that we won by last night. I felt Burkett was left in just a tad bit too long, but he didn’t pitch all that bad, either. Cal Ripken missed his 400th home run by about a foot or two – the ball was just foul past the left field foul pole. Damn, I really wanted to see that. :) We did get a couple of Ranger home runs – one by former Oriole Todd Zeile, and another by Ruben Mateo, which was opposite field, not that far away from where I was sitting. That was nice – and the home runs were about the only time my wife and I actively “cheered” the Rangers this game. :)