G65: Rangers beat Yankees 4-2

I didn’t think we had it in us to pull off the split. This game felt really good. Got a long ball, had small ball, had some nice defense, we did just about everything last night. Hell, we pulled off the first triple play in 22 years (only the second in Ranger history).
Roger Clemens was masterful early. He struck out ten in the first four innings, including everyone in the first two innings. However, we ended up getting to him (and the Yankees) in the latter part of the game.
I was flipping back and forth between this game and the Stars game, so I didn’t see everything, but I did see the triple play. What was funny was that the guy who hit into it (Chili Davis) also hit into a double play later. :)
I’ve been impressed with Gregg Zaun the last few days. He’s not the greatest catcher around, but he certainly did his part when called upon. I was very disappointed when Bill Haselman signed somewhere else after last year, but I have to say… Gregg Zaun has grown on me.
“It was a team effort” is so cliched, but here it meant something. This game was won by the team, not by any one player. This was spectacular baseball, the kind of stuff a hardcore baseball fan lives for.
We survived Yankee Stadium, breaking our 7 game losing streak there with a split. Now it’s on to Beantown for four more – I like playing Boston, we always seem to get good baseball playing them.