G64: Rangers win, shut out Yankees 3-0

Oh my – we had some pitching! If I didn’t watch the game on TV, I would have thought it was a misprint!!
Rick Helling was totally masterful, going 7 innings, giving up no runs on just three hits. This is what we needed – let’s just hope it continues over past today. I didn’t feel like writing the last two nights, as what can you say? The Yankees beat us almost all the time in Yankee stadium. What was there to write about?
We won last night, which was really great. Our pitching was totally masterful, and is the kind of thing we’d need if we’re going to advance in the playoffs. Speaking of pitching, this morning’s (Thursday’s) Dallas Morning News seemed to imply that we might be going after Darren Oliver again in July. Ugh. While he’s pitching OK, he’s not totally what we need.
Honestly, there isn’t much to talk about with this game. Lee Stevens belted a two run home run, but other than that, we didn’t do much until Ruben Mateo batted in a run late. We ourselves only had 5 hits for the game, and if it wasn’t for the Stevens blast, this game would have been a complete and total pitcher’s duel (more than it already was).
Was really nice to see the Rangers pick up the win.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
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