G63: Rangers lose to Yankees again, 6-2

None – don’t feel like talking about the Yankee curse. :)
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Oh oh.
The Rangers’ slump reached 4 games after the Yankees held the Rangers to just 4 hits. The Rangers lost 6-2.
Ryan Glynn, not to be confused with Nolan Ryan, hasn’t had a good outing yet. Glynn who been more like John Glenn – of the astronoimal ERA’s.
I think it’s time to try someone else on the mound in his stead. (Is Esteban Loaiza ready yet? Would Loaiza do any worse?).
The offense has gone on pre-summer vacation. And it doesn’t get any easier. There are 2 more games left with the “Rangers can’t beat you but everyone else can” Yankees and then 4 more with the Red Sox.
To top it off, Johnny Oates went nuts in the clubhouse after the game, erupting during a team meeting, ended by him throwing a baseball at a locker in disgust over his team’s recent play – especially against the Yankees. The previous time Oates held a closed door team meeting, the team responded positively.
Do they have enough pitching to respond positively again?