G60: Rangers drop Game 2 to the Rockies, 8-7

My wife and I were out for the evening seeing a movie (Austin Powers II), so we didn’t hear/see much of the game at all. We did hear part of a pre-game interview with Jeff Zimmerman where he talked a bit about his brother with the Mariners, and what it’s been like being part of the bullpen this year. Zim did say one thing that I totally agreed with him on. He does not like the nickname “The Zimmenator” that the TV guys have given him.
When the movie was over, and we got in the car, I turned on the radio, and started listening. The score was I believe 8-4 at the time, and while we were driving, I heard Mateo’s name. At that point, I hadn’t found out about the roster move – the short time we listened to the pre-game in the car, they didn’t mention it. Mateo hit his first dinger of his career (didn’t see it, only in replays), and he almost hit two, but seemed to have a good game for his first. There was a miscommunication late in the game with Juan on a fly ball that they almost appaered to run into each other over. Still, good first outing.
So, they had put Goodwin on the DL, and brought up Ruben Mateo. If you read my commentary from yesterday, this is what I didn’t want to have happen, as I figured it would piss off Simms & Kelly (there was an article in today’s Dallas Morning News about that same issue). Anyway, now that he’s here, I would like him to stay, but I have a feeling that we’ll be losing either Simms or Kelly in the process. That’s a shame, we have done good with these guys, but if we could only keep one, I’d rather keep Kelly.
Oh well. Aaron Sele seemed to be pitching well, but caught a really bad break in the bottom of the 4th, and the Rockies scored four runs because of it. :( Not the greatest outing for him, but not the worst – our bullpen picked up the slack pretty good.
I’d write more, but I only saw the last two innings on TV, and listened to one on the radio – by this point, all the big stuff had happened already. :)
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
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