G56: Rangers take down Dodgers, 3-2

The TV guys gave Raffy player of the game, and while he did do a lot, I felt Todd Zeile deserved it. If it wasn’t for Todd, we wouldn’t have gotten rolling, and he too was 3 for 4. Don’t get me wrong, I like Raffy, but I just felt for Todd Zeile last night.
Again, we got really great pitching. 7.0 (plus a batter or two in the 8th) out of Aaron Sele. Jeff Zimmerman wasn’t his most crisp (he allowed an inherited run to score), but he still pitched really well, and I thought Wetteland look like he was throwing lightning bolts out there.
This was very much a picher’s duel until the 8th inning, and even then it was still well pitched. These are great baseball games, I just wish they didn’t start at friggin 9:15PM.
I’m hoping that when the player’s agreement is up for renewal after the 2000 season (I know 2001 is an option year, but it still has to be agreed upon), they make some sort of realignment, and get the Rangers out of this double time zone mess they’re in. I also want to see different Interleague teams, specifically NL East. Yeah, yeah, I know, people want to see the Astros, but I’d rather see the Phillies, the Expos (Vladimir Guerrero), and the Braves down here.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Aaron Sele and Raffy Palmeiro powered the Rangers over the LA Dodger$, 3-2, Monday.
Sele, who probably pitched his best game since the second game of the season, had the Dodgers way off-stride.
Meanwhile, Palmeiro, who was only supposed to be available for pinch-hitting duties on this Interleague road trip, has started the last 3 games – and by his bat alone, has lead the way to two victories.
Palmeiro, having a career year, is on his way to putting up numbers no Ranger player ever has, even surpassing Juan Gonzalez’s fine seasons.
Jeff Zimmerman and John Wetteland (both putting up fairy-tale like numbers) shut the door in the 8th and 9th innings, respectively, to nail down a fine victory.