G46: Rangers sweep Tampa again, 8-6

We got a sweep of the Devil Rays last night with an 8-6 win. Helling was pitching pretty decent until he gave up a 2 run home run late, and then was pulled. He still got the win, but didn’t seem totally dominating. Still, a win’s a win.
I’m not going to write about last night’s game, as I’m pretty brain dead from only getting a few hours sleep last night. I will say that it’s not good to see a pitcher go down like Tony Saunders did last night. That was just horrible. I was listening on the radio when it happened, but I got to see it on Sportscenter later on ESPN. Man, that looks like about the worst thing that can happen to a pitcher. His arm just snaps while pitching. I can’t imagine anything hurting more on the field – even getting hit on the head with a batted ball.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Not available. I haven’t heard from Jim in a few days. Jim, if you see this, drop me a line – you OK?