G44: Devil Rays drowned, 12-3

In starting to write the commentary for this game, it occured to me just how many games we’ve had this season that have had at least ten runs by one side or the other. Looking back at 1999 so far, we’ve had 14 games that have had ten runs by one side or the other, and this is only game 44. That’s 32% of the games played. That’s a lot of runs. A breakdown:
April: We won two, and lost four
May: We won four and lost four
That makes us 6-8 in runs where one side scores 10 or more runs. That’s not all that good. With the Rangers offense, we should be expected to do that, but this stat can be translated down to one thing. Our pitching stinks (overall).
However, last night, that wasn’t true. We got the first really good outing from Mark Clark all season. He went 6.1 innings, throwing 125 pitches (I think that’s what the TV guys said), giving up 8 hits, and 3 earned runs. Not the most dominating performance, but for Clark, and for our staff, it was a great outing. Mike Munoz & Tim Crabtree, who have both been pitching extremely well of late finished up the game, giving up just one hit for no runs between the two of them. Our bullpen is doing great (hell, even Burkett pitched well (for him) out of the pen the other night).
Our hitting was in a groove, too. Juan Gonzalez had a great game, hitting two home runs, for a total of 5 RBI’s for the night (2 run HR & 3 run HR). Pudge also had a home run in the ninth inning, which extended his hitting streak to 14 games. Mark McLemore continues his hot hitting streak of 99, going 3 for 4. I don’t know where he’s been hiding all of this, but I like it! All the Ranger starters had at least one hit, except Clayton.
There were also some injuries last night. I didn’t see the first one, because I was watching the series finale of “Mad About You” with my wife, but apparently Mark McLemore left the game in the sixth with a tight left hamstring. I hope that’s not a real problem, as this is the second time in a week he left the game early with a hamstring tightness problem. Also, on Juan Gonzalez’s second home run, Quinton McCracken got really hurt. He went to jump to try and catch the ball, but his jump was mistimed. He hit the wall hard on the way up, not at the peak of the jump like it’s normally done. He hit his shoulder hard, and came straight down crumpled, and his knee appeared to hit very hard on the warning track. He didn’t get up at all, and after awhile he was stetchered off the field.
No matter what the player, no matter how much I dislike them professionally, I hate to see this happen to anyone. Don’t get me wrong – I like McCracken, but I just hate to see anyone injured like this at all. Looks like he’s going on the DL because of this. I know you’ll never see this, but Quinten – this Rangers fan hopes you get well soon!
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
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