G43: Rangers blown out by Baltimore 15-6

This is the last of the Sunday night ESPN games this season for the Rangers. Our last Sunday appearance was our worst. However, I won’t have to listen to the uneducated oafes in the ESPN booth misprounounce the Ranger players’ names anymore. My god – can they get ANYTHING right? Cripes. The one thing I like about ESPN’s coverage is that they always show some really nice shots of the surrounding city the game is being played in – at least before the sun goes down anyway.
On to the game.. Oh man, I was lucky I had something else to do – I was sorting through some baseball cards, and was only peripherally paying attention to the game. The way the score was after the first, you would have thought John Burkett was starting. In fact, Burkett came in after .2 of the first inning, and pitched for six innings, not giving up a whole hell of a lot (by his own standards), and actually pitched the best game of the season for him.
One silly thing – before Morgan left the game, he did manage to get himself in the record books as the first pitcher to hit the same guy twice in one inning. We now have the highest starting rotation ERA thanks to last night – it’s over seven!! We did have a few late inning solo home runs (Mac, Juan, Raffy), but that was really it for us.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
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