G39: Devil Rays beat Rangers again, 5-4

Well, I was at this game, and I didn’t feel like anything really bad was happening. We went down 2-0 in the first inning, but other than a Canseco home run (like anyone could stop that right now), I didn’t feel like Morgan pitched bad at all.
We just couldn’t score. We left something like 14 runners on base all told, and it was really obvious at the game we weren’t connecting. Your offense can’t win every game, but you should get the runs when you get the chance. We didn’t last night. However, the double play killed us last night – we hit into five of them. Pudge hit into two himself! Ugh.
On another note, Zimmerman continues to impress. Last night, when he struck out Canseco in the ninth, I haven’t seen such a reaction. Not only to the strikeout, but Canseco took a really huge swing and missed for the first strike – he almost fell over. Man, did that get an ovation at the park!
Found out after the game that Burkett had been sent to the bullpen, and Mr. Cinderella story, Ryan Glynn had been given his spot in the rotation and will start next Tuesday in Tampa Bay.
Also, Mark McLemore left the game after the fourth with a sore knee. I really hope that’s not the same problem that’s plagued him the last few years. He’s had a kickass season, and I don’t want to see it ruined. I was starting to have hope that Mac might turn it around and get resigned – I like him.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Starting pitching has been the Rangers #1 enemy this year. They may have found out their #2 enemy in the game last night.
The Rangers grounded into a team-high 5 twin-killings Tuesday, including the ultimate deadly one in the bottom of the ninth, as the Rangers lost their third game in a row, 5-4 against the now-you-better-take-them-seriously Devil Rays.
Even though the Rangers had 14 hits and 4 bases on balls, they plated just 4 players. Texas leads the majors in grounding into double plays and last night was the first game of the year where you can point directly at the GIDP for this one.
Raffy Palmeiro went 4-5 with all 4 RBI and is now hitting .370. Rusty Greer had a hit and walked 3 times, driving up his OBA.
Mike Morgan, who pitched better than the numbers might indicate, was the games’ losing pitcher.