G35: Rangers win a nailbiter, 7-6

I’m not writing commentary about this game – I didn’t get to see/hear very much of it. However, it was a nail biter, and I don’t have very many fingernails left to bite! :)
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
The Rangers managed to hang on for a win Friday night.
John Wetteland, who has been ineffective, despite his saves, gave up 2 runs in the 9th but the Orioles just couldn’t squeeze out another run and Texas won 7-6.
I’m getting sick of this pitching staff. Mark Clark pitched Friday and again, he was ineffective. 4 earned runs in 6+ innings? Get out of town.
The Rangers need to find some starting pitching. Offense cannot carry you but perhaps half the time.
Last night it was the middle of the order carrying the Rangers. Rusty Greer, who suddenly has a home run stroke, Pudge (hitting cleanup) and Raffy Palmeiro each has 2 RBI each (with Greer and Pudge hitting back-to-back homers in the 5th).
You have got to love this offense but you have also got to hate this pitching staff.