G34: Bombs away! Rangers top Baltimore 15-7

Bombs away! That’s what Eric Nadel said in the post game wrap up when starting to describe the bottom of the fourth inning at the Ballpark, and I was there – it certainly felt that way! In short – a Grand Slam, a 3 run homer, and a solo shot in the same inning – MAN!
After the first three and a half innings, I thought it was going to be one of those good close games, as both pitchers seemed decent, but not totally unhittable. And then we got to the bottom of the 8th inning. Oh man.. The second 8 spot in two consective games, and the second game in a row with a grand slam (that’s a record). Here’s a snip from the game log. That about tells it all..
R Palmeiro singled to right. Zeile singled to left, R Palmeiro to second. L Stevens safe at first on 2nd baseman Deshields’ fielding error, R Palmeiro to third, Zeile to second. R Kelly homered to right center, R Palmeiro, Zeile and L Stevens scored. Dransfeldt grounded out to third. T Goodwin walked. Mclemore singled to center, T Goodwin to second. Greer homered to right, T Goodwin and Mclemore scored. Doug Linton relieved Scott Kamieniecki. I Rodriguez lined out to right. R Palmeiro homered to right. Zeile lined out to shortstop. (8 Runs, 6 Hits, 1 Error) BALTIMORE 1, TEXAS 9.
Three home runs in the same inning. What an inning. We left this inning 9-1. It felt good. It’s funny, because walking into the park for the game I told my wife that the Rangers were due to really beat up on someone – thinking the ’99 Orioles were the perfect team to do that to. OK, it’s the top of the fifth, and we give up a run. No biggie, we’re still up 9-2. However, it started to fall apart, and it felt like the way out in front loss to the Yankees a few weeks back again. We gave up a fivespot in the top of sixth, and we were only up two runs again. It really felt like “bleeding” sitting there watching that.
Anyways, in the bottom of the 6th, we pulled ahead again, back to 12-7, and then ripped it open again in the bottom of the 8th with another three for a final tally of 15-7. The Rangers bats were more than alive! Kelly’s salami was the first one I’d seen live in quite some time, and the first for my wife. It was quite cool seeing the big wide eyed look on her when it was gone. The inning was awesome, and the fans around us were into it, too. The last couple of games I went to there were quite a lot of opposing fans out in Section 39. No biggie, I don’t mind that unless they’re really obnoxious, but it was cool to have more Ranger fans there for this really great win!
Other than the sixth inning, I thought the Rangers pitching did rather well. Take away the fivespot, and we only gave up two runs the whole game, both on solo shots. Venafro, Zimmerman, & Munoz combined for 4 innings of shutout ball – Zimmerman’s two innings were perfect! Methinks this kind will be here next year if this holds up.
Commentary by Jim Weeks:
The Rangers have reminded themselves of something they had forgotten. if they can’t out-pitch an opponent, they can sure out hit them.
The offense, which has set or tied some kind of club record in 3 of the last 4 games, was at it again Thursday as they spanked the Orioles 15-7.
Roberto Kelly, filling in for an injured Juan Gonzalez, hit a grand slam in an 8-run uprising in the 4th inning. The 4th inning outburst was the club’s second 8 run inning in a span of 5 innings (going back to Tuesday).
Kelly’s slam marked the first time the Rangers had ever hit a salami in back-to-back contests. Sunday, they tied a club record with 8 doubles.
Mike Morgan was terrible. Short and simple. The starters have been pretty bad for a while now, they certainly aren’t out-pitching anyone.
The team has found one new wrinkle that has been missing – they can outscore anyone if they click on all cylinders. And lately they are clicking.