G25: Rangers beat Indians, 8-6

Well, I was over some friends’ house for dinner last night, so I didn’t get to see or hear much of any of this game. However, he did have a cable modem, and I got to see score updates from time to time. Naturally, since I wasn’t there, they started doing good again. Saw that Raffy got his 2,000th career hit, which was cool.
Mark Clark went into the 8th inning tonight – virtually uncharted territory for a Rangers pitcher this year. His ERA is still way up in the stratosphere – upper 7’s. Not good.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Pitcher Mark Clark, taking a rotation turn on 3 days’ rest for the first time this season, won the ballgame Sunday, with help from Tom Goodwin, Juan Gonzalez and Raffy Palmeiro.
Clark once again laboured through the middle innings but hung on until the 8th inning. The Rangers’ bullpen – which has been near-flawless since Jeff Zimmerman has arrived – once again stopped the opponents.
Clark was not spectacular – only adequate. But adequacy will win you 15 games as a starter for the Rangers, who have an offense capable of burying any opponent (except the Yankees).
Goodwin had a rare good game, getting two hits, stealing a base and being a general nuisciance for the Indians. He refused to comment to reporters after the game, which makes you wonder what bird got into his craw?
Gonzalez ripped another homer and drove in another couple of runs. He’s on a binge right now, so the opponents better not throw him strikes. Gonzo now has 20 RBI’s and is on a pace to drive in 154 runs. Just a week ago – we all wondered aloud as to what destination Gonzalez’ bat had vacationed to.
Palmeiro had 3 hits including his 2000th Major League hit. He also drove in 2 runs.
The Rangers played solid defense behind Clark, who threw 11 ground ball outs.