G5: Rangers lose 8-4, make me sick

This game was so disgusting, I don’t want to even talk about it. Worse than opening day – which I thought sucked for the most part.
Commentary from Jim Meeks:
If I had to write this column in one word, that’s the word I’d use.
10 to zip. Ten to nada. Ugly.
Rick Helling, who won 20 games last year, is pitching like he may lose 20 games this year.
Let’s compare his two 1999 outings:

ip  h  r  er bb so hr era
Monday April 5th   3   7  7  5  2  0  2 15.00
Saturday Aprl 10th 3.2 9  6  6  3  2  0 14.73
totals             6.2 16 13 11 5  2  2 14.85

Each inning he pitched, Helling was in more jams than grandma’s butter knife. He didn’t seem to think he was so bad, however. After the game, he was quoted as saying, “A lot of hits were ground balls. A few were up there but that wasn’t my problem tonight. Not to say that they were weak hits but they were just doing it single, after single, after single. The ball kept finding the holes.”
Yeah Rick. There’s a word for that: ugly.
Omar Olivares, the Angels’ starter, pitched extremely well. The Rangers managed just 3 hits off him in his 7.1 innings of duty.
The only starter to last more than 5 innings so far this season has been Aaron Sele, who pitched a masterpiece on Tuesday. What will the Rangers do if this keeps up?
Well, they’ll lose.
Perhaps though, they’ll make a trade. I know it’s bold, but I propose trading Juan Gonzalez. The Rangers can survive the loss of Gonzalez. The Rangers have Ruben Mateo a phone call away at AAA. In 3 games at Oklahoma City, Mateo is 6 for 12 with 2 doubles, a homer and 4 RBI.
The Diamondbacks and their fans would love to have Gonzo (and get rid of Esteban Loaiza while you are at it, Doug Melvin) – and we’d love to have Luis Gonzalez to take Mike Simms’ spot, plus underrated lefties Omar Daal and Brian Anderson – and the Minor Leagues’ best pitching prospect, Brad Penny, who pitches for AA El Paso. The season is still young. If the Rangers wait until July to make a deal for a pitcher(s), it may be too late.
Do it now. Make the bold move. Otherwise, it could get uglier.