G11: A’s top Rangers 8-2

I was kinda tired when this game was on, and wasn’t really paying attention – I think I fell asleep twice watching it. Not to mention the fact it was a crap game – I don’t really feel like writing commentary about this game 3 days later. Now if we had WON by the score of 8-2, I might have felt like writing about it. :)
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
I can’t write a whole lot today. Then again, there’s not a lot to say about this game.
Aaron Sele, the most reliable Rangers’ starter so far this year, was rocked by the A’s Friday to pick up his first loss of the year.
The Rangers’ offense was missing as well – and final score: A’s 8, Rangers 2, was really more lopsided that it looks.
The Rangers managed only 3 hits (including a solo homer by Lee Stevens) while the A’s banged out 17, a season high for them.
Eric Gunderson would be in danger of losing his job if the Rangers had a reliable left-hander at AAA to replace him. Gunderson saw his ERA climb to over 11.00. The only alternatives are Mike Venafro, Rich Robertson and Matt Perisho; Perisho being the best of the lot. Still, a call-up seems unlikely.