ST9: Ranges slam way to win over Detroit, 13-7

I started listening to this game, but I should have not have given up after the 6-0 deficit. :) What a comeback. I turned the game back on right after Shawn Gallagher hit a grand slam. Dammit! That’s my fault.
It was nice to see the team explode, and not give up (unlike me) after they got down big again. I hope that kind of feeling carries over into the season. Burkett still worries me. I like Burkett, I wish he did better, but giving up six runs (even though 5 were unearned). I hope to god he at least has a 500 year. I don’t think he’ll ever have another 22 win season, but he can pitch good when he wants to. I just wish it’d happen more often than not.