ST2: Rangers lose big to Buccos, 15-6

I was hoping that a return to home turf for the first home opening game would bring the Rangers better fortunes than they had yesterday. Wrong. What a blowout! Today’s game is kind of bittersweet for me, because I consider myself a fan of two other teams besides the Rangers. These teams being the Phillies & the Pirates (because I grew up in Philadelphia, and my wife in Pittsburgh). Anyway, I thought the game was going to go well after the first inning when Sele just mowed ’em down. The second inning was horrible, and the game didn’t get any better from then. Sele gave up 6 runs, on the way to an eventual 15-6 loss by the Rangers. Blech.
Overall there isn’t much to talk about here except that I did listen to the game on a portable radio operated by batteries (it seems more “pure” that way – probably a stupid thought, but hey). Some of the positives for today were that Mike Morgan was the only one of 6 Ranger pitchers not to give up a run. The Rangers also did not give up a run the whole game either (makes two in a row). Those were good, but not much else was. Plus there was the bad news on Mike Simms (partial tear of left Achillies Tendon – out 4 weeks) and Raffy (discomfort in right knee – back to Texas for MRI) today. :(