ST26: Rangers lose to Red Sox, 10-3

Nomar – Nomar – Nomar – Blowout – Blowout – Blowout!
Ugh. I’m really glad I didn’t get to listen to this one on the radio, as it was such a blowout. And after hearing the rather boring Red Sox announcers last week, I’m glad I didn’t get to hear them talk about this! :) Boy was this a longball against the Ranger day. Four of them – including two by Nomar. Nomar is a great talent, and if I was a Red Sox fan, I’d probably be really into this, but I’m not, so… shit!
Unfortunately, there was yet another Ranger error. I should go back and look through the box scores, and see if there are any games without errors this spring. I really don’t like that we have so many of them – even when we win.
There wasn’t much good to talk about here, since I couldn’t hear the game on the radio, all I see are the glaring home runs in the line score. :) However, tomorrow’s game is on the TV – first of the season – I can’t wait!
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
The Rangers’ pitching staff was knocked around thoroughly and completely Friday as the Boston Red Sox hammered the Rangers, 10 to 3. The Sox hit 4 homers in the game, while the Rangers were almost completely inept offensively.
Starter Rick Helling was banged around for two of the homers, both coming off the bat of Nomar Garciaparra. Jeff Zimmerman and Tim Crabtree followed with a terrible inning each (1 IP, 3 earned runs each).
WIth the bat, Texas managed very little. Gregg Zahn had a double and an RBI for the lone Rangers’ extra-base hit.
Ruben Mateo’s hit streak was snapped at 11 games as he went 0-4, playing in right field.
Thre is a bit of good news to report, however. Luis Alicea played second base for about half the game. Alicea had been out about a week with an unknown wrist problem. He went 0 for 2 with the stick.